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Blue Whaler | January 2024

Neptune Refrigeration tradesman Lochlan undertaking the final steps of commissioning a new custom system onboard local charter vessel, ‘Blue Whaler’. This upgraded freezer system is designed to handle the daily catches expected on the upcoming fishing expeditions, providing unmatched, capacity and efficiency. We think this unit turned out great!

Kekoa| December 2023

Another happy client. Neptune Refrigeration have had a long-standing relationship with Luke and his team on board Kekoa.

This time we diagnosed a faulty compressor in Cairns travelled to our Airlie Beach branch with the new component and fit it off once they came down the coast.

Commissioned and running again the system is steadily cycling at -15°C, preserving their marlin baits for the upcoming fishing season.

Reef Tourism Condensing Units | November 2023

Neptune Refrigeration has successfully completed the installation of two custom built condensing units on a local reef tourism vessel.

These units were meticulously, constructed in house to perfectly fit the available space on board. Using a crane, both units were placed in parallel, followed by the necessary, fitting off and commissioning.

To ensure easy maintenance and accessibility to controls and variable speed drives, the new systems are safeguarded by an aluminium cover with removable panels. This design allows for convenient access whenever adjustments or inspections are required.

The project showcases the team’s dedication to position and innovation, particularly in the marine and tourism sectors. Let us know what you think below!

Superyacht Custom Freezer | October 2023

The moment has arrived!

Neptune Refrigeration previously shared a glimpse on social media of our team members, Drew and Tom, diligently preparing panels for the construction of a custom freezer, and now we can showcase the final results onboard a Superyacht.

The unique challenge with this freezer was to design in a way that allowed us to fully assemble it in our workshop, disassemble it, navigate each panel through the narrow passageways of the vessel, and then reassemble it on board. This system incorporates static coils constructed from polished 1/2” copper tubes capable of maintaining -20° Celsius inside.

To ensure optimal functionality, the condensing unit was skilfully positioned within a serviceable cupboard thoughtfully designed with grills on both sides to facilitate proper airflow.

We are quite pleased with how this project turned out, and we are curious to hear what you think!

Water- and Air-Cooled Condenser Project | September 2023

See the before-and-after photographs, illustrating the replacement of a refrigeration unit in one of our recent projects.

This vessel frequently navigates through muddy waterways, and occasionally requires both its water-cooled condenser and in-series air-cooled condenser to prevent the occurrence of high-pressure faults.

As part of the upgrade, we applied a two-pack paint coating to the new system and incorporated a custom-designed shroud. This shroud is designed to optimise air circulation through the air-cooled condenser coil.

Bitzers Galore | August 2023

Neptune Refrigeration are currently amid fabricating racks, pipework and electrical boxes to suit some new installations we have coming up.

These new systems will serve to provide maritime vessels with air conditioning and refrigeration capabilities that exceed their current systems in a multitude of ways.

Some facets we always try to improve on include longevity, efficiency, serviceability and aesthetics.

Respond Global HelpR Program | May 2023

Neptune Refrigeration tradesman, Drew Mitchell our qualified Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic specialised in marine refrigeration was sent to Vanuatu in May 2023.

Drew was sent to the vessel to fix the airconditioning onboard that had not been operational for 3 weeks. The vessel, Helpr needed to replace the generator onboard, a control component for their cold rooms that kept the necessary medicine in a cool climate.

The vessel, Helpr was positioned to go to Vanuatu to support the islands as part of their cyclone response, to provide fresh water, rice, medicine, and medical support. The crew onboard consisted of Phil the Captain, Doctors, Nurses, and other volunteers.

When onboard a Helpr vessel, it really is all hands-on deck with Drew more than happy to assist the team with delivering items to the locals. The vessel was also dropping off locals back to their villages once the cyclone had subsided.

Visit Respond Global to find out more about their Helpr1 Cyclone Response, Vanuatu and how you can get involved.


Marine refrigeration and air conditioning, like all the systems on boats, utilises the cliché… “do it right the first time”
A few of the brands we work with:
Cairns Portable Rental Air Conditioning
Cairns Chilled Water Air Conditioning
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Marine Refrigeration Cairns
Marine Air Conditioning Cairns
Portable Rental Air Conditioning Cairns
Chilled Water Air Conditioning Cairns
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Cairns Marine Refrigeration
Cairns Marine Air Conditioning
Cairns Portable Rental Air Conditioning
Cairns Chilled Water Air Conditioning
Cairns Snap Freezers
Marine Refrigeration Cairns
Marine Air Conditioning Cairns
Portable Rental Air Conditioning Cairns
Chilled Water Air Conditioning Cairns
Snap Freezers Cairns
Neptune Refrigeration & Air Conditioning specialises in working with all superyachts, whiteboats, commercial fishing vessels, game fishing boats, yachts, cargo ships, tourist boats and freight ships
Locations we work in: Interstate and International as required

As Neptune Refrigeration and Air Conditioning are specialised in marine refrigeration and air conditioning, we are often required to travel due to locations of some of our client’s vessels.

Whether it is for a new vessel being constructed, or a repair or installation outside of Cairns, Queensland, or Australia, if you require our specialties for your vessel, you can contact us to co-ordinate our involvement.

Quality people means quality work

Neptune Refrigeration and Air Conditioning have the most skilled and experienced team specialising in the specific methods and requirements of marine refrigeration and air conditioning

  • Qualified and highly experienced Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanics
  • Qualified and highly experienced Electricians
  • Qualified and highly experienced Boiler makers (Pipe welding and fine Stainless-Steel works)
  • Some of our staff are also Qualified Marine Engineers (MED II) & Qualified Skippers (MCV)
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Marine refrigeration poses unique challenges to the designer and installer as opposed to land-based installations
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Custom manufacturing is always required for refrigeration and air conditioning projects on boats

Neptune Refrigeration and Air Conditioning are the leading provider of essential Cairns Marine Refrigeration services to the entire far north region and have been providing advice, maintenance, installations and repairs to this industry for more than 20 years. Neptune provide a complete turn key solution for all water craft climate cooling needs with our highly acclaimed quality Cairns Marine Air Conditioning services where we can arrange installations, repairs and routine servicing to keep vessels cool. A further value added service provided by us is our Cairns Portable Rental Air Conditioning services which is an ideal solution for vessels that have to be dry docked or undergo maintenance while also keeping cool and protected inside. The Cairns Chilled Water Air Conditioning services that Neptune provide are amongst the leading industry grade services and help maintain marine vessels cooling requirements. Our commercial fisheries clientele also enjoy the benefits of having Neptune maintain and arrange installations of the best Cairns Snap Freezers which have proven to be robust, reliable and essential to maintaining their fishing enterprises.

Neptune Refrigeration are the leading provider of Airlie Beach Marine Refrigeration with many years of experience working in this field in tropical Queensland. We operate in a niche field where we specialise in the proficient maintenance, repairs and support service for the Airlie Beach Marine Air Conditioning industry. As a fully qualified and certified team of Airlie Beach Marine Electrical professionals, we are the experts in our field that people often turn to when in need for our expertise. Whether it's for normal marine air conditioning and electrical services or even niche areas such as Airlie Beach Chilled Water Air Conditioning, we have the know-how to assist you with everything to do with marine electrical. We look after the marine electrical needs for the domestic markets pleasure boats, yachts and fishing boats as well as commercial operators in both tourism, transport and industry with other niche services such as Airlie Beach Snap Freezers and commercial air conditioning.

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